Tax Relief/Resolution Services

I left the IRS in 2016 to start Fields Accounting & Tax LLC – after ten years as an IRS Officer.

I helped thousands of business owners and individuals in my career. From the experience, I learned best business practices, tax law (IRC) and procedures (IRM) along with real-world inner workings of Internal Revenue Service.

I want to lend my expertise to help resolve my clients’ IRS and State tax issues.

If you receive a letter from the state or IRS – whether it is a state sales tax issue or a Federal income tax issue, we can help simplify the process and help you manage the situation.

We help our clients with tax examinations, installments agreements, appeals requests, offer in compromises, collections, garishment resolutions, etc.

We work with clients all over the US and aboard.

We offer free one-hour consultations to give you an opportunity to ask questions. Schedule an Appointment today.

Clayton Fields, EA, MA, MBA